Boys and girls from Cincinnati on the party

It seems that Cincinnati has very wild dorm, too. Five girls and three boys know each other very well. They meet together first time at school and now going together to the same university. They have regular meetings in one of dormitors. They are familiar with from many years and they don’t have any stops inside this old friends group. Always when they meet they have many subjects to talk. From time to time they have occasion for longer party. Then after drinking beers and smoking cigarettes going crazy and start doing very spicy things. Probably girls are starting from stripping and playing together. But end of this hot game is always the same: hard group sex in one of college dorms. So young people need money for entertaiment thats why they decided to post this video to Dare Dorm. They earned extra $10.000. On the end I would like to say that this is really nice group of friends from the same university and I recommend to see all photos and video comming from this episode.

Dare college dorm in Georgia

There are huge amount of episodes comming from real college dorms. This time I would like to present a little older episode which hasn’t been described on our blog. It is Alicia’s pleasure pack comming from Georgia. It was great party with two girls and two boys. It is very nice configuration becouse each girl has own boy to play. First they are drinking a lot and plays with camera. Then many crazy photos have been taken. One from girls is using a video camera so we have nice movie, too. They are posing in many places inside the Georgia’s dorm. But after it they are moving to boys dorm room. They drink a little and start playing together. Girls are stripping, posing and boys are talking a pictures. Few moments later college girls would like to have a sex with boys. Just check full movie and photos comming from Dare Dorm in Georgia.

Black girls and boys having fun

New video and great pictureset has been added to members area. You can check sample video clicking on thumbnail. This time we are visiting dorm and college in Florida. The movie has been taken by black students. You can see that all girls and boys from this college are dark skinned. Personally I am very happy becouse to this time we can only watch white students. I should to say that those girls are delicious. Just look on round sweet asses of this ebony college girls. For me they are very sexy. There are no anything strange that boys would like to have a sex with them. This DareDorm Florida episode is really hot and sweet like chocolate.

One more time in Michigan

One of my favourites dorm parties has been placed in Michigan. Few weeks ago I have published few photos comming from this hot party. Today I would like to refersh this party by uploading new nice movies. In this clip two girls are playing together. Their licking is very sensitive. I think girls love doing it in soft way. Boys prefer hard actions including anal sex. They like to do it very fast and change girl on new one. This college dorm is crazy. Alcohol has been done great job becouse girl would like to be fucked. In this movie two boys are fucking hard one of their college girls. It means one student is fucking her from behind second has nice oral action. Both are ending penetration by huge cumshots on her face.

Tampa college dorm video clip

Few weeks ago I have published few photos comming from Tampa. It is very nice college and much better girls which living in dorms. It was great party where all boys and girls have fun together. They know very well what does it mean group college sex. This people knows each other very well. It is becouse they are studying together and meeting everyday not only in dormitors. Look on this sweet girls. They really know what they want from college boys. I have attached to this post sample video clip comming from Dare Dorm.

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College teens from California again at Dare Dorm

california college teens dare dorm3california college teens dare dorm4Holy sit! I see that mates from California are on the top, again. It is only 1 mouth after first publishing of their photos and movies at Dare Dorm and we have new hot episode. This time college teens are taking a part in foam party. There is nice begining. Girls and boys from college are dancing. It is just a disco but we have litres of foam. You probably california college teens dare dorm1think that it is only first step to group sex party. And you have right! After hour of dancing it is time to show tits and maybe a pussy. After few drinks and smoking few cigarettes college teens need a sex. They are stripping and showing pussies, and assholes. Dorm Boys would like immediately to fuck dorm girls. Mates from California are very hot. It is not strange that Dare Dorm has been publishing their photos and video clip. To this post I am attaching few best photos

california college teens dare dorm2

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Dorm Dare success

dorm dare2After few months of running great website Dare Dorm I need to say that this webpage is successful. From month to month this website is getting more popular. Where is the secret of Dorm Dare? In this article I would like to answer this question. I would like to try analize many aspects of sucessfull porn website in Internet.

  1. Autenthic real content – the manufacturer of Dare Dorm is paying for a content and buying it from real college students. It means that there are no any fake movies and photos. All have been taken by real people and comming from true sex dorm parties.
  2. Surfers love watching amateur porn and young people. And it is the biggest secret of Dare Dorm in my opinion. All persons taking a part in sex party are very young and studying at the famous universities. The success of amateur porn we can compare with very famous webpage about real ex girfriends like College Dirty Girls. Real people and real sex actions always are popular and not only in Internet. It is becouse we (people) love to spy a little and watch another persons during sex.dorm dare
  3. Scandal. Yes, it is the next attribute which makes Dare Dorm popular. When we are checking keywords which surfers use to finding this page is giving the answer. “Is Dare Dorm Real” or “Dare Dorm Tampa” are the most popular. We can draw conclusions that in first case internet surfers looking for answer if it is real. People whould like to trust that all the content from this party college site is real. People would like to feel that movies and photos aren’t fake – then they are rating this page higher and feel better when they are watching Dare Dorm videos. In the second case surfers looking for photos and videos of Dare Dorm which have been taken in their own city. They are looking for scandal and well known faces. I have only quoted two more popular keywords but there are much more similar.
    The second aspect of Dare Dorm scandal is that many of famous persons from this webpage are famous college athletes. They are leaving careers to make $10.000 for private video comming from their sex dorm party. You can read about it at one of the sport blogs: “Chase Mejia, former Kansas State WR, has found a career outside of football. It’s pretty similar, actually, with lots of physicality and a short shelf life. Tight ends are everywhere and, um, well, oh hell, I’ll just say it – it’s porn.” [...] read more about Dare Dorm at Buster Sports

dorm dare1I have discussed three reasons which making from Dare Dorm so popular website. I think that is working on the imagination and describing why so amateur porn website is actually one of the most popular sex party sites. If you have own opinion about Dare Dorm paysite write it below in comments windows.

Dare Dorm Michigan

dare dorm michigan1dare dorm michigan4It is incredible how slutty college students sometimes are. They have huge amout of free time and they need some entertaiment. Just check the newtest Dare Dorm episode comming from one of dorms in Michigan. Two friends from dorm inviting two sweet local girl to fuck. There is the redhead and blonde girl. Both are very slutty, horny and would like to fuck boys from dorms. In Michigan it dare dorm michigan5dare dorm michigan2is normal that college students living in college dorm would like from time to time organise some dorm sex party. Then students dare to invite local sluts or just girl picked up on the street on in club. Redhead and blonde girls with sweet slim bodys and nice tits are great to one-time fuck. Few bottles of wine or beer, few cigarettes and spicy talk making from girls in college dorm horny and ready to fuck. They need to feel something big in her tight pussys. This great episode is avalible at Dare Dorm. You can download full set of photos and of course full lenght high quality video. dare dorm michigan6There are huge amount minutes of good dare dorm porn to view. To this post I have included few nice photos comming from Dare Dorm in Michigan.

Dare Dorm again in California

dorm girls from californiaDare Dorm one more time is going to California to show you next hot dorm sex party. This time other people but there are still hot actions. Three college girls and two boys have nice pleasure time together. hot dare dorm california teamAll is starting on footbal match where two hot girls are going together. This kind of entertaiment is not making from girls happy. They need to more plasure on this eavning. They are going to dorm to have dare entertaiment. This two girls know very well that college boys love parties in dorm. They are starting talking. College girls and boys are very talkative. There are nothing strange becouse they are drinking a beer. After few glasses of beer girls and boys are very dare. Dorm boys and girls are starting taking of dare drom blowjobsclothes to be naked. Then they can start hot erotic games together. dorm party blowjobGrtoup sex, blowjobs, lesbian love – this all you will find in college of California. Dare Dorm is giving us the next great episode from great party in this city.

college girl

Dare Dorm and Las Vegas episode

dare dorm las vegas 1dare dorm las vegas 3Vegas, Vegas… Las Vegas. Beautifull city which has been dare dorm las vegas 2builded on the desert. Actually the biggest center of entertaiment. But not only. There are a university and dorm people which love having entertaiment, too! It is another kind of entertaiment becouse in dorms college students only learning… of course officially. In real life college students have many time to play. Inside of college dorms living young people who love partys and alcohol. Today we are presenting one of Halloween parties which has been published at Dare Dorm. There are college students wearing uniforms of nurses, pirates, mummies and angels… They are drinking alcohol and have nice free time. They are talking and having fun becouse they are together in this Halloween time. But in next step college girls would like to dare dorm las vegas 5more. They need to have hardcore halloween sex on this party. College boys don’t have anything about it and start playing with girls in dorms. College beds are ready to hard actions. dare dorm las vegas 4All people have nice evening becouse of group sex inside this dorm. Las Vegas is great not only for casino players but for all young people living in Las Vegas dorms, too. Click here to visit Dare Dorm and download full movie comming from this great dorm party!